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You are stranded in the eye of a tornado...wait, is that a shark? A SHARKNADO! Sharknado: Eye of the Storm is a glorious 360 VR multi level bone shaker. Using weapons ranging from a chainsaw to shotgun to a machine gun and everything in between, you must try and survive the onslaught of sharks. Oh, and you have to save as many people as you can all while dodging Barracudas, Octopuses and poisonous Jellyfish too. You better cancel your plans for the afternoon. The world needs you!

Game Features


Immerse yourself in 360-degrees of up close and personal gruesome fun!


Use your AK47 to penetrate shark flesh or dismember the vicious flying beasts with the teeth of your chainsaw before they sink their teeth into you!


Fight to stay alive as the world collapses around in you in the literal middle of a tornado.


Action-packed with mature-rated material; blood, gore and more! You’ll have a whirlwind of fun.

News & Media

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    Sharknado VR is 50% Off
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    Sharknado VR is 50% Off
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  • Apr 08, 2020

    PlayStation VR Released
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  • Mar 19, 2019

    Sharknado Playstation VR
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  • Feb 13, 2019

    PlayStation VR Release
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  • Jan 04, 2019

    Sharknado VR Featured by Justin and Greg
    Sharks in Saskatchewan: An Investigative Story. We heard ...

  • Dec 24, 2018

    Holiday Steam Sale
    Sharknado VR is now 30% Off for the Holiday Steam sale! Now until...

  • Dec 14, 2018

    Sharknado VR offering created and developed by Sask. team of professionals
      When Regina's Dave Hansen needed inspiration for a virtu...

  • Nov 07, 2018

    'Sharknado' Dives Into VR for the First Time in Franchise History With VR Game
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  • Nov 02, 2018

    Sharknado Dives into VR for the First Time in Franchise History
    Sharknado Dives into VR for the First Time in Franchise History ...

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